Wednesday, December 24, 2008
12:05 AM ● Kem Remaja 2009 part 3


this will be de last part of Kem Remaja, i guess
on the 4th day of de camp, that is the last day,
it will be de day we walk our own way, go back to our own home
de hardest word to say during this whole process of Kem Remaja,
it is 'goodbye' while de easiest word to be heard during this moment,
'taun dpn jumpe lagi oke?'
sereyezly, we hope dat we will never be seperated
the relationship we had among us is like more than juz a friend,
more to a family brotherhood kinda relation, connected between us
this Kem Remaja surely a great way to motivate de young ones especially
to respect other people, family n friends, brother n sister, even people we dont know
as i said earlier, this year Kem Remaja is no better than last year, 4 me lah
cuz dis year, by the time we had our Farewell Moment, its likee
i dun hav any feelings to show tears, unlike lasz year
de mood of mine turned from :) to :(
but still, it is hard for us to be seperated
i do hav this feeling of 'sebak' while i was hugging the facys
bro Botak, Daegan, Faris, Fariq, Famy, Faiz, Zack, uncle Ed, Is
bro Pachak will be the person i hug the tightest
as this brother of us is the 1st facy i get to know, dat is on last year Kem Remja,
while we're in the bus, on our way to Lembah Azwen Resort
here is a phrase from him to me, Gigi n Mizan while we sit n chat around at the back
'aku stiap kali join kem ni, status aku dr TAKEN trus jd SINGLE'
a wise word from a great man, i guess? hahaha
as for now, he's dating a gurl he met during last year camp
she also participate in this year camp,
datz y i guess bro Pachak didnt stand a chance to pick up other girl dis year
hahahahaha laugh strong2!
n for those who dont really understand what bro Pachak is telling us,
do check on the kerepek leaved oke
dis year also show LESS person who had tears going on their cheeks
last year, i can see at least 2person r crying in evry spot
but this year, only I n Fik n Faraa i found their cheek r wet wit tears
this show dat this year camp is ????? u tell
overall, i still wanted to say dat dis year camp is great fun n we enjoyed our days here
my rating between dis year camp n last year ;
team - last year
facys - this year
friends - last year
venue - this year
dorm - last year
games - this year
enjoyment - last year
fun - this year
pretty tight haa? but still, i guess last year r way better than this year
i dont noe wat say u guys, but 4 me, dis is wat i felt
i still havent finish, a great time we enjoy in de bus
while we're on our way from Warisan Semilang to Sri Pentas
this facy named kak Eryn cme to us at the back n ask us to do something
as she's in absolute boring siting n waiting fer de bus to arrive
she'd ask us to play sum games wit her
1st she teach us this game called 'Cap Kali Cap'
hav u guys ever played dis game b4?
as 4 me, this will be my 1st time playing this game
the game is easy n simple to play but very hard to explain
so i guess, ill skip the explanation! hahaha
2nd game she teach us is 'Gumbama Gumbawe?'
ntah, i dun really memerize the name of the game
n de song to sing while playing this game
but i do remember how to play it!
but still, it is hard for me to explain
we played the game with Anis, Hanafi, Shafiq, Man, Faraa n me
we had lots of fun! as the fun wont stop there
we even played the games at Sri Pentas
with such honour, we just sit on ur butt in front of Sri Pentas
we sit in a circle, n enjoy the games
this time, we play in proper way n better position
as we hav more space to use and to move
and this time Fik Farah FarahAdyla Hafiz bro Faris kak Laily Amy joined us
wahh a day to remember i guess?
until then, i hope to see them again nex year
really looking forward to it
surely, we will meet again brothers n sisters! ;)

KEM REMAJA 2009, end here

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