Thursday, January 1, 2009
12:19 AM ● viva la vida

tahun baru 2009, aku memilih phrase viva la vida
which means live a life, as a motivation to myself
yesss, live a life! dats wat i will try to do this year
i would like to hav the time of my life at school,
since this will be the final year for me to experience school
n not forgetting to study the hardest for my SPM
dis also describe that i hav live a life for 17 years now
for the school, i would like to turn it upside down,
leave a mark to em, so it will never forget dat
a great guy named Muhd Syaiful Amree bin Hj Mohd Imran
has once studied there
as for this new year of 2009, i wanted to wish u all
a very cherish new year n hope this year will bring
smilee n laughter more than tears, a year way better than last year
for those hu will make ur way to form 4 nex year,
an advice from a senior for u guyz,
do make up ur mind 1st, n go for the subject u kno u can keep up with
do not enter the pure sc stream if u think its easy or to show off or sumtin,
which the real thing is freakin hard as hell,
the word regret will come out from ur own mouth later
to all the highschool senior, lets pray n do our best for SPM
as our life ahead is placed on this lil piece of paper
imposibble is nothing, n i kno we all can just do it
do not dissapoint those who r depending on us
so, cheers 2009

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.live life to the fullest.