Tuesday, June 23, 2009
11:28 PM ● Transformers : Revenge Of The Fallen

this will be my 1st post using English, forgive me if i did any mistake in the writing.
soo oke, lets start! right now, it is already 23.30 and i just come back from watching movies with friends. we watch Transformers 2 : Revenge Of The Fallen, 1 hell of a movie i must say. the movie are awesome! i would love to watch it again, only if u paying for the ticket. the story pack with action, u can't even turn ur head to the side for a second,vthis will cost u to miss a great part. like the time when Megan Fox run from the Decepticons? hahahaha. whoaa, Megan Fox is smoking hot in this movie. she's absolutely one gorgeous babe, no doubt!

a lil review of the movie;
it all started when Sam Witwicky(?) found a small piece of the Allspark from the shirt of Mikaela when they first fight the Decepticons in the first movie. but this time around, the presence of these robots has been classified as Top Secret by the government, eventhough Autobots fight side-by-side with humans to perish all the remaining Decepticons on the planet. and as they fight, one robot gave Optimus Prime a friendly reminder that 'The Fallen will be awaken'(?) or something like that lah, about The Fallen. TF is one of the 7 Prime-race robots that has been on Earth from way back thousands year before. as the title says, this movie is about the Revenge of The Fallen. TF is the master of Megatron, as Megatron did things that TF ask for. the twin robots, Mudflap and Skids, are my favourite! they're soo funky, and such a pain in the ass. there is one part when Mudflap was being eaten by the Devastator, but he managed to survive and says 'this what will happen when u try to eat me!'. haha funny moments though. lots and lots of action u can get from this movie. eventhough Optimus Prime was actually being killed earlier in the movie, but he came back to life with style, being given the energy source from a legendary ancient robot, Jetfire, he turn himself to be a new Optimus Prime with new attachment on his body.
conclusion, u guys need to watch this awesome movie, its
super cool!

overall rating : FIVE STARS , no doubt bout it!
2thumbs up! plus another 2 down there on my feet :)

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